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we understand the importance of the final clean on a construction site, and we ensure the building looks it's absolute best when it is presented to your client.


Our team staff of highly trained and skilled employees that specialise in construction cleaning for the building industry. Our staff adhere strictly to quality standards, and occupational health and safety are held to be paramount throughout. All work is conducted in a safe manner and is within legislative and compliance requirements.


  •  White card certified/ Police checked team members

  • $20 Million insurance

  • Workcover compliant

  •  Flexible timetables to suit your needs

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Applications include:


  • Shopfitting/ constructions clean

  • Retail/ commercial building /accommodation construction cleans

  • Insurance recovery and repair clean

  • New homes and renovation clean


Our experience includes:

  • Banks

  • Supermarkets

  • Childcare Centres

  • Funeral Homes

  • Retail Outlets

  • Housing

  • Commercial /Office Cleaning

Our trained cleaners go an extra mile to ensure that your property is cleaned to the maximum standards. We use advanced tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for our customer’s safety. and maximise efficiency. Keeping the safety standards in mind, our expert cleaners will adhere to the builder’s requirements and customise it accordingly.

Talk to our cleaning specialist  Call: 045 777 7056

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We’re Your First Choice for Commercial Building Cleaning Services


NQ Commercial Cleaning  has been providing top-quality commercial building cleaning services for ten years. We aim to give you the best service at the best price, completed to the highest standards each time. Our staff are well-trained and highly skilled to ensure compliance with the strict occupational health and safety requirements to which we adhere.

Problems Building Cleaning Addresses

Cleaning with Water Pump

We understand how stressful a move can be when you need to hand your property back over to your landlord or managing agent. Our staff will facilitate your building cleaning to ensure a spotless property on handover. Our cleaning offers range from the occasional deep clean to daily, weekly, or fortnightly services. 

  • We can get into areas that are more difficult for you to reach if you’re cleaning on your own. Dust often collects in these hard-to-reach areas, but you don’t always notice this because it’s not necessarily easily visible.

  • When you need a post-contract builders clean, we can assist with finding the origin of any persistent bad odour from whatever was left behind on site. Air fresheners may mask the smell for a while, but it will persist unless you do a deep cleaning.

  • While it may always have been of concern, the current pandemic has made it more important now and safeguarding employee health is now deemed critical in any work environment. We endeavour to make use of more eco-friendly products that do not leave a heavy smell in the air long after we have left the building. Fresh air is vital, as is a clean workplace.


Basic cleaning may be sufficient in the short term but may actually cost you more in the long run. Dust and dirt build up over time and can often cause damage to electronic equipment or furniture if left unchecked for too long. These are just a few of many reasons why you should consider investing in our commercial building cleaning services.

The importance of Commercial Builders Cleaning

Building sites are renowned for being extremely dusty at the very least. We offer builders cleaning services whereby we ensure that the final clean on your construction site means that the building looks its best for presentation to your client.

  • Highly trained staff. Their work is conducted in strict accordance with occupational health and safety standards and meets compliance and legislative requirements. Each member of the team has been police checked and is white-card certified.

  • We offer a flexible schedule to fit in with your timeframe and deadline requirements, are work cover compliant, and have insurance cover of up to $20 million.

  • Our builders cleaning takes place in two stages. A deep clean takes place first, where we will remove all rubbish from the site. We then scrub all walls, floors and surfaces. The next day we return for the second stage, which involves the thorough cleaning of windows, sills, skirtings, sockets and switches, and any other areas that need cleaning still.


Why Trust NQ Commercial Cleaning Regarding Contract Cleaning?


In the decade in which we have been operational, we have cleaned banks, supermarkets, offices, childcare centres, and a great deal more. We are committed to being environmentally aware in all aspects of the services we offer. You can book our services online, saving you time and expediting the cleaning service your company requires.

Please do feel free to get in touch with us if you would like us to provide a free quote for any of our cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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