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Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Service


Specialised Cleaning and Disinfection preventative and urgent cleaning to help mitigate potential surface to person transmission



NQCC environmental cleaning for COVID-19 utilises hospital-grade disinfectant with viricidal properties. We use foggers or mist sprayers to remove the need for contact with surfaces

No matter your organisation type, cleaning can be customised to your specifications, in keeping with best practice recommendations for health provider cleaning.

We follow leading health service recommendations, with cleaning regimens that include horizontal surfaces, any walls that are visibly contaminated and frequently touched items (e.g. door handles, handrails, counters, tables, desks).

Where risks are increased, such as in a suspected/confirmed outbreak situation, our specialist cleaning team employs full appropriate PPE, including a jumpsuit, gloves, and eyewear & mask or a full-face respirator.

How Coronavirus spreads

Based on what is currently known about the novel Coronavirus and similar coronaviruses according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “person-to-person (transmission) with these viruses happens most frequently among close contacts (within about 6 feet). This type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets. On the other hand,current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

Experienced, specialised deep cleaning

NQCC has been working in specialised cleaning with a national network of professionals, we’re able to provide peace of mind in all settings, from schools, government buildings and shopping centres, to foodservice outlets and strata disinfection. 

For more information, please get in touch.

Download the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19 here.


A Decontamination Cleaning Needs Professional Hands


The COVID-19 outbreak has scared the world into realising the dangers of lack of proper hygiene and sanitation and what the implications are of skipping decontamination cleaning once a building has been compromised.

What You Can Expect From us Regarding Antiviral Cleaning

Vacuuming Couch

When a viral bacteria has invaded a building, only a professional deep clean will kill the virus on all surfaces and where it hides. See what hospital cleaning involves:


  • No contact: To best protect our staff from what they’re cleaning, our team will wear the necessary PPE based on the hazard level. While cleaning, we use steamers or mist sprayers so as not to touch any surfaces, but still eliminate the threat.

  • Extra services: With the fear of COVID-19 out and about, we can extend our chemical cleaning to schools, places of worship, food outlets and shopping centres. All areas of public gathering are in danger now, and we will do our part to stop the spread of any health threat. As part of the thorough cleaning, we include areas such as doorknobs and handles and especially any areas that are frequently touched or moved by human hands.

  • Safety: We use organic, non-toxic disinfectants that are safe for humans and animals. During the cleaning, the building should, of course, be empty, but upon return the next day, there will be no fumes or residue that can affect humans. We can also do medical office cleaning after hours. 

No matter what kind of clean you require, we promise a professional, effective clean every time, during or after hours at the best price.

Related Services We Provide to Decontamination Cleaning

You might need a decontamination cleaning now, but we offer different kinds of cleaning done by a professional team with the right cleaning equipment for the job at hand:

  • Fitness centres: Depending on the type of building and the interior we will be dealing with, we apply specialised equipment right for the job. Fitness centres have gym equipment that each need proper cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Dealerships: Commercial cleaning includes all businesses and industries. We clean even car dealerships, including the cars if that is what you require. We have equipment suitable for vehicle cleaning and can have it looking good as new in no time.

Cleaning Materials

Why Trust NQ Commercial Cleaning Regarding Chemical Cleaning 


We love seeing the end product of our work as much as you do, which is why we have all the necessary specialised cleaning equipment you can think of at our disposal. Particular areas that require disinfecting such as childcare cleaning or aged care cleaning, are part of our daily job, and we know how to go about to ensure proper sanitation and cleaning procedures. 
Contact us if you have any questions.

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