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The floors and the tiles present in the residential as well as the commercial areas get dirty, filthy and stained with use for years. Thus, the natural gloss of the floor tiles or the wall tiles is reduced.

The grout or the paste in between the tiles accumulate the stains or the dirt and get discoloured. Reddish or mud-like the colour is seen on this grout. The floors or walls look really dirty and old. But, no one would want a dirty or discoloured floor or wall tiles. The problem with the dirty or the untidy walls or floor tiles along with the grout can create problems while selling the property or giving it at rent. Many people would have opted for new tiles or changing the flooring or the walls. But, that is expensive and it is not possible for everyone to bear such expense.

So, regular cleaning of the old stone floor or the tiles is all that can help in giving the house at rent or to sell. If you do not want to expend much for the flooring or the walls at a certain interval by changing the old one, then you have come to the right place. We, at NQCC Cleaning services, offer our customers with the best form of tiles and grout cleaning along with other floor cleaning services. Doing the cleansing process of your own may not be possible all the time, as it requires a lot of time and energy.

Here, we use the most advanced techniques of cleaning that will clean the grout and the tiles to the highest extent without hampering the same. We offer Tiles and grout Cleaning Melbourne wide to give you the best looking floors or walls. This will also increase the longevity of the materials and that means you will save a large amount of money. Tiles made of different types and varieties are cleaned and the cleaning service from us includes Stripping & Polishing of Floors along with Cleaning of Grout Lines & Tiles.

We offer seasonal cleaning as well as preparing to move or just want a clearer and dazzling home overall. We have a team of efficient, professionally skilled experts who give the tiles and grout cleaning services at a reasonable price. Do not wait, just call us or get a free quote to get a refreshing and clean house overall.


Aged Care Cleaning in Queensland


Different challenges come with aged care cleaning, and you need the right equipment to clean properly, eliminate any odour or bacteria, and leave the establishment as good as new. We have equipment that can get into all the hard to reach places and can clean commercial spaces, carpets and upholstery as well as tiles and grout. Our high-pressure cleaning is ideal for driveways, roofing and more.

Benefits of Aged Care Sanitising from NQ Commercial Cleaning


When you have areas in a building that needs specialised cleaning products and equipment, you can call us in to do the job efficiently and leave no traces of any residue or stains. We offer childcare cleaning and hospital and kitchen cleaning services, among others:


  • High-pressure: Dirt and grime can stick to many surfaces over the years and can only high pressure can accomplish a proper clean. We can come to your house or office and clean the driveway, bins, roof, concrete, fences and paving, all in one go.

  • Carpet cleaning: Carpets can be the primary source of allergens building up and causing long-term sinus problems. Our carpet cleaning system works efficiently to remove deep-settled bacteria and dander.

  • Commercial kitchens: When you think about all the food, hands and bacteria in a commercial kitchen, you know that only a professional team can genuinely leave it spotless. We clean everything, from drains to grills and windows. We have everything you need to meet all health standards.

  • Sanitizing fogging service: Our “Fogging Service” is superior to any other means of sanitizing. Tiny molecules are spread This method everywhere where other conventional spraying on wipe downs cannot reach. It penetrates over, under, and behind all hard to get surfaces. Also, the fogging method lasts longer than any other systems. 


Each cleaning project is different, and you want a team that knows what they will be dealing with inside or out and have the right equipment and knowledge for the aged care sanitising job at hand.

Other Services we Provide to Aged Care Sanitising

At the beginning and the end of our lives, humans tend to make more of a mess, and you will need professional cleaning to sanitise an environment, to be ready for use again in the morning.


  • Childcare cleaning: Wherever kids are, there will be hands in the mouth, viruses lurking and spreading, and germs transported from one hand to another. We can do a proper disinfectant clean to make sure that the kids learn and play in a healthy, clean environment.

  • Bond cleaning: Moving into a new home or selling yours, means a fresh start for a new family. If you rent out your space, you have no idea what goes on inside the house and what lurks in the walls. Let us do a bond cleaning and make sure the new owners receive the house in the best condition.

  • Grout and tile: People often overlook the grout when cleaning or think they’re doing a deep clean but forget the grout. Clean tiles with dirty grout can make a significant impact on the overall look of the interior, and only once you have it professionally cleaned, will you see what a big difference clean grout makes to a room.

Image by Clay Banks

About NQ Commercial Cleaning 


We love seeing the end product of our work as much as you do, which is why we have all the necessary specialised cleaning equipment you can think of at our disposal. Particular areas that require disinfecting such as childcare cleaning or aged care cleaning, are part of our daily job, and we know how to go about to ensure proper sanitation and cleaning procedures. 
Contact us if you have any questions.

An Environmentally-Friendly Deep Clean with 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our certified professionals have the know-how and the equipment to deep clean your establishment or disinfect the entire building. We offer a variety of in- and outside cleaning services to make your dwelling look its best.

Related Services We Provide to Disinfectant Cleaning

Cleaning Supplies

A clean environment serves as a morale booster, whether it’s a private home, office, commercial space, or apartment building. Viruses and other germs can lurk around every corner, and a surface wash just can’t get to all of them. You need a professional deep cleaning crew.

  • We specialise in deep cleaning and the eco-restoration of your surroundings to produce a hygienic, sanitised space in which to live or work. We also clean skirting boards, doors, sockets, switches, walls, ceilings, windows, frames, and cupboards as part of our standard service. We will wipe down and polish all surfaces, including wood, to leave your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or place of business spotless.

  • We quickly deal with stained, discoloured grout and tiles that have lost their shine, so you don’t need to replace floor- and wall tiles before renting out or selling your property. Protect your investment by letting us clean your old stone floor and tiles professionally with our high-pressure grout cleaning system.

  • Your residence or commercial property may require high-pressure cleaning of driveways, paving, verandas, roofs, concrete floors, walls, and rubbish bins to improve your outdoor areas. Our equipment makes even the worst scenarios a breeze to clean.

Our skilled commercial cleaners will arrive with all the required equipment and products to do the work and you will enter a safe, healthy location afterwards.

What You Can Expect from NQ Commercial Cleaning Regarding a Disinfection Clean

We live in the time of COVID-19 and much has changed in our world. Disease prevention is more important now than ever before in our experience because of surface to person transmission.


  • Our disinfectant crew wears PPE and full suits if an outbreak is suspected or confirmed.  Depending on the severity of the infection, they will wear full hazmat suit if required.

  • We utilise hospital-grade disinfectants − that contain virus-fighting properties − in addition to advanced foggers or mist sprayers for no-contact cleaning to protect our team and yours. We customise our best practice cleaning services to your specifications, in keeping with health provider recommendations.

  • We first wash down visibly dirty areas and items that are touched frequently, such as door handles, counters, desks, tables, and handrails, since the virus may stay active on certain materials for hours or days. Then we do sanitation cleaning with the prescribed products. 

We provide excellent value for money and superior service to fitness centres, property management companies, government buildings, places of worship, commercial kitchens, medical and educational facilities.

Cleaning Table

Why You Should Use NQ Commercial Cleaning 


Our fully trained staff members use specialised equipment and products to clean and disinfect your premises. We adhere to the highest standards but deliver service at an affordable price. Contact us today.

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