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Commercial Cleaning 

Offices, Communal Areas cleaning, Retail Units …

Our Commercial Cleaning Service is a specialized area of our Company dedicated to providing a wide range of Cleaning Services to this Sector.

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We can offer a Daily, Weekly or Fortnightly Service, End and Start of Lease and Periodic Deep Cleans.

For Communal Areas we can provide regular cleaning services like: dusting and polishing all common skirting boards,window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lift doors, door handles, changing bulbs if needed, wiping and washing
the whole area, cleaning outside and the rubbish area. We know it’s essential to have clean and tidy environment,
so it is a very useful service when you rent blocks of flat
s with a lot of tenants in it.

The service can be done
on a weekly or a monthly basis. Our team will make sure that all common parts of your property are clean and fresh at all times.

We can truly offer you a One-Stop solution for your Organisation cleaning needs.

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If you are approaching the end of your Commercial Lease and want to have the Premises Deep Cleaned
ready for handover the Landlord or Managing Agent then look no further.

Perhaps your Organisation is moving into new Premises and is looking to undergo professional Cleaning?

We also offer a number of Specialist Cleaning Services including Window Cleaning and Post-Refurbishment
cleans or after Builders cleans to a wide range of properties.

After Builders Cleaning

Having building works carried out on the property can leave large amounts of dust, rubbish, and dirt around. Usually, this service consists of 2 parts.

The first part of the cleaning is the Deep clean, at this stage, all rubbish and debris are removed. Then all floors, walls, and surfaces are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.

The second stage is generally carried out the next day. By this time any remaining dust in the air left over will have settled.

This type of service includes the Removal of all labels from units, windows, toilets, and kitchen.

Clean all floors and windows of any paint and plaster. Clean all windows, window frames, and sills.

Clean all skirting boards and wash the doors. Washing all sockets and switches. Spot-clean walls and ceilings. Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards inside and out. Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. surfaces and wooden works. Clean toilets inside and out, wash the tiles and all basins in the bathroom, Hoover, and mop all floors and stairs.

We will make sure there’s no dust or dirt remaining so all will be Sparkle & Shine.

Regular or Deep Cleaning Services are available to:

  • Offices, Communal Areas

  • Retail Units and Commercial Properties

  • Holiday Homes, Shops, Hotels, Leisure Facilities

  • Pubs, Clubs, and Restaurants

  • Daily Housekeeping for the Hotel Industry

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Our All-Inclusive Commercial Cleaning Service Prices Are Better Than the Best


Our commercial cleaning service will deliver spot-on solutions for your cleaning problems in Queensland every time since we provide the best staff and equipment. Give us a call to obtain a quotation or tender for your existing or upcoming projects.

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Table

Daily cleaning services frequently provide the minimum, with vacuuming and the emptying of trash cans. Engrained dust, pathogens, dirt, and allergens tend to stay behind on blinds and office furniture, and inside carpets and upholstery. 

  • Do contemplate the benefits of using a professional company that offers a commercial disinfectant yet environmentally-friendly service to create a safe space for those who spend most of their day at work. 

  • A fresh workspace and purified air is healthy and increases productivity. Dirty indoor air contains pollutants, is detrimental, and leads to a drop in efficiency because of reduced cognitive functioning.

  • As employee health is a major concern, consider having a proper air duct cleaning done once a year. Bacteria, mould, and other debris contain harmful contaminants that may negatively affect your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system and increase energy costs.


We offer different kinds of cleaning, including thorough purification with disinfectant, as all of us are much more aware of hygiene after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. We can disinfect just your bathrooms or the entire building with mist or fogging sprayers to ensure no contact. A deep-cleaned, spotless building is also good for your company image and your staff morale.

What Sets NQ Commercial Cleaning Apart Regarding Commercial Cleaning Services Near Me?

We guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent. Our team consists of certified professionals who provide environmentally-friendly services during the day, evening, and over weekends. 


  • We can start working immediately to bring you the desired outcome in no time. Feel free to make an online booking for an evening clean up when your staff have left the office.

  • We have set up a well-ordered system whereby our flexible workforce carries out numerous projects all over Queensland. We’ve provided services to homeowners, high-rise apartment buildings, resorts, office complexes, hospitals, shopping centres, educational institutions, and commercial buildings. 

  • We offer commercial cleaning for real estate companies, auto dealerships, financial institutions,  entertainment centres, and the hospitality industry, to name a few. We also do bond and construction clean-ups and have specialised equipment for the job.


Your employees and clients will thank you for affording them a neat, sanitised environment where they feel safe and comfortable.  Send in our fully furnished team and trust that we will leave a brand new building behind.

Indoor Cleaning

Why NQ Commercial Cleaning is Cost-Effective


Our commercial service provides a wide range of maintenance features for this sector.  Let us do your daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning. We likewise offer end- and start-of-lease clean-ups and periodic one-stop scouring for offices, shops, restaurants, clubs, and industrial areas, including post-refurbishment and window cleaning. Contact us for a free quotation.

We Provide All Our Clients with Accessible, Excellent Gym Cleaning


If you need the perfect team to help you with gym cleaning, we can help you. Our teams understand the cleaning industry like no other and will always exceed your expectations. When you need accessible cleaning services that provide the best results, choose NQ Commercial Cleaning.

Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need Pressure Cleaning or Other Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

When looking for a team to help you with environmental disinfectant or other forms of cleaning, you want to be sure you choose the right one. To help you understand why we are the best choice, here are a few benefits you will always experience when working with us:


  • We provide all our clients with unbeatable prices to ensure your money goes a long way. Whether you hire us once or a hundred times, you can rest assured you will save money every time. Our services provide access to those with stricter budgets who still want excellent results.

  • We provide you with results that are better than the best. Ensuring you have spotless results, whether in your office, a medical facility, construction site, or place of worship, is what we do.

  • We provide you with excellent customer service every single time. Whether you have questions that require answers, or you want us to suggest the best cleaning solution for your property, we do it with a smile. Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is and always will be important to us, whether you need help cleaning commercial real estate or you need help with school cleaning.


We strive to provide all our clients with high quality cleaning at affordable prices. We want to help you make your budget go as far as it can.

Additional Services We Can Provide if You Already Need Industrial Cleaning

If you already need us to help you clean an industrial premise, you might want to know that we also offer these additional services to all our clients:

  • We can assist you with any commercial cleaning requirements. Whether you need us to clean offices, communal areas, retail units, or other forms of industrial sectors, we always provide excellent results. Our services come in a daily, weekly, or fortnightly package to suit your precise needs.

  • We can ensure you have clean carpets with our carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We bring an advanced carpet cleaning system to provide your home with eco-restoration. We work with carpet warranties and can easily handle stain removal to create a safe and allergen-free environment. 

  • Our teams are excellent at providing you with the only high-pressure cleaning service you will ever need. We ensure your outdoor areas look and feel as great as they did on the day you first saw them. We can help you clean driveways, concrete floors or walls, verandas, paving, eaves, roofing, rubbish bins, fences, and more.

Stadium Cleaning

Why Trust Us When You Need Reliable Environmental Cleaning


As a business that has seen to numerous satisfied clients over the last 10 years, we want you to become another. Whether you need help with commercial cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, or carpet and upholstery cleaning, we have got you covered.

Ensuring your place of work or your home remains clean helps not only with simple things such as allergies but can also significantly improve the mood and workflow of those who operate within it. Our mission has always been to ensure our clients have affordable, reliable cleaning services when they need it, and over the years, we have more than brought our vision to life. Call us today and find the perfect cleaning solution for your situation.

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