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Office Cleaning Services

A clean and fresh office is essential to impress your clients and to maintain a good working atmosphere to all working staff. We can make sure that your office will always look its best, for this we normally customize an office cleaning program specifically designed to suit to your needs, whether you need a deep cleaning or standard cleaning service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Standard Office cleaning includes:

  •   Restroom cleaning and sanitizing

  •   Cleaning reception area and foyer

  •   Stairway and elevator cleaning

  •   Kitchen and lounge area cleaning and sanitizing

  •   Cleaning Desks, Offices & Work Stations


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From single Offices to Office Blocks, Medical Practices, High Street Shops or Retail Complexes we can provide a solution to suit your company needs no matter how big or how many cleaning hours you require.

We don’t tie our customers into long contracts; we believe that with our experience, flexibility, communication and high quality service we can ensure that customers want to stay with us for the long run.

We Provide Exceptional Commercial Office Cleaning for Everyone


If you are looking for excellent commercial office cleaning, we can provide you with it. Our teams ensure your space remains clean and lines up with the atmosphere your business wants to maintain. Keeping the office space clean is hugely beneficial to everyone in it. Choose NQ Commercial Cleaning if you need your space to be spotless.

What Sets Us Apart When You Need Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

Building Cleaning Service

It is important to understand the business you choose and how they can help you. To provide you with clarity regarding your decision, here are a few things we believe separates us from our competitors when you need corporate cleaning:


  • We provide the best results with the best cleaning teams out there. We have handled almost all kinds of cleaning and have ensured satisfactory completion every time. Whether you need bond cleaning, construction cleaning, or more, we know how to do it. We understand the ins and outs of the industry and can provide you with results unmatched by competitors. If you need cleaning that breathes new life into your place of work, choose us.

  • With us, you get the best prices to ensure your budget goes a long way. We understand that budgets can limit the services you can acquire, which is why we have always believed that providing excellence is not merely about results, but about the price. When you choose our teams, you get the best rates out there, which means you save now, as well as every time in the future, you need us to provide you with excellent cleaning.

  • Our experience as a business stretches over the last 10 years. With this amount of experience comes a lot of understanding and skills development to assure our clients receive the best clean every time. We understand that every client has unique requirements, which is why we take the time to understand them before we get to work. We know how to provide you with satisfactory results because we have provided clients with it for years.


We provide all our clients who need office cleaning with the opportunity to save money while getting the best results the cleaning industry can offer. We ensure you get unrivalled service from a team with a proven history of excellent results, every time you need it.

Additional Services We Can Offer if You Need Professional Office Cleaning Services

Most often when a business requires company cleaning, it involves more than one particular type of cleaning. To help you find everything you need in one place, we put together a short list of additional services we can provide you with:

  • Builders cleaning services. We understand the importance of keeping a construction site clean. We adhere strictly to quality standards and the requirements of occupational health and safety. Our team members come white card certified and police checked for your peace of mind.

  • We have an extensive tile and grout cleaning service available. Any floors and tiles – regardless of where they are – will gather dirt and filth over time. This can make it seem like the natural gloss of the floor is gone when it is actually just below the dirt. We can help you remove discolouring on your tiles or walls brought about by dirt. Restoring your floors to their original glory not only looks better but can also boost property value. For everything from cleaning before selling to seasonal cleaning, choose us.

  • For those who need it, we offer high-pressure cleaning. High-pressure cleaning is an excellent choice if you want to restore some aesthetic value to outdoor areas such as driveways, concrete floors or walls, paving, verandas, eaves, roofing, fences, and more. With an extensive history of providing customers with excellent results, we are the obvious choice.

Window Cleaning

Why Trust NQ Commercial Cleaning Regarding Chemical Cleaning 


We love seeing the end product of our work as much as you do, which is why we have all the necessary specialised cleaning equipment you can think of at our disposal. Particular areas that require disinfecting such as childcare cleaning or aged care cleaning, are part of our daily job, and we know how to go about to ensure proper sanitation and cleaning procedures. 
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